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17th March 2022

PR in 2022: Tread carefully but don’t tiptoe

PR in 2022: Tread carefully but don’t tiptoe All marketers are generally focused on creating reputational change, relationship building and revenue generation. But even the

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Paula Fifield Profile Image
Written by
Paula Fifield
10th March 2022

Make yourself a home: are 3D printed houses a fad or the future?

3D printed items are becoming increasingly prevalent in our everyday lives. The automotive and aviation industries are leveraging this technology to make components for cars

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Samantha Browning Profile Image
Written by
Samantha Browning
2nd March 2022

#BreakTheBias: Gender & AI

This year, the theme of the International Women’s Day campaign is #BreakTheBias, which centres around the ongoing fight for a gender equal world, free of

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Scarlet Perera Profile Image
Written by
Scarlet Perera
25th February 2022

How modern technology is pushing the boundaries of artistic expression

The worlds of art and technology are not the most obvious of bedfellows. To most, the word ‘art’ is synonymous with da Vinci, Monet and

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Written by
James Lambert
22nd February 2022

Leaving no stone unturned: what curling has taught me about strategic thinking

Like millions of others across the UK (and probably the world), something strange happens to me every four years. Often at odd hours of the

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Written by
Elaine Birch
15th February 2022

The rise of mobile gaming

Last month, Microsoft brought the spotlight back to the gaming industry with its agreement to pay $75bn for video game company Activision Blizzard – the world’s

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Jay Cox Profile Image
Written by
Jay Cox
11th February 2022

Spin Machines: Why PR is no longer safe from automation

This week I’m excited to announce the launch of my new book, Spin Machines: Robots, revolutions, and the future of the PR agency. As an

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Alex Warren Profile Image
Written by
Alex Warren
9th February 2022

TechTok: The power of TikTok in tech recruitment

The pandemic has caused a huge reshuffling of the economy. As the world moved online, tech companies experienced huge growth and tech jobs are more

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Written by
Hadley Menk
25th January 2022

Three ways retailers are collecting more customer data

Keeping existing customers happy while attracting new ones has always been a challenge for retailers, but it’s become increasingly difficult over the last two years.

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Rutvi Sheth Profile Image
Written by
Rutvi Sheth
18th January 2022

Can companies nudge us to be greener?

Companies that venture into the world of environmentalism face an uphill battle — and rightly so. We’ve all seen the Twitter storms that follow poorly

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Written by
Lara Kelly
11th January 2022

Top tips for improving your C-suite’s presence online

In my last blog post, I wrote about the power of using LinkedIn to reach clients, prospects and industry influencers online. C-suite execs typically have

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Kiran Saini Profile Image
Written by
Kiran Saini
22nd December 2021

Announcing a different type of Christmas tree this year

Our current values reflect who we are as an agency and as a team: Be Bold, Be Informed, Be Exceptional and Be Yourself. But this

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Written by
Zoe McFarland