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14th December 2015

PR director of the future: PRs need freedom to experiment

 Rachel Matthews of Cisco has an interesting job title: Strategic B2B Communications Leader. Neither marketing or PR, manager or director. We spoke to Rachel about

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Debby Penton
4th December 2015

Why is the UK electronics industry undervalued?

A recent Observer piece profiled ARM as ‘Britain’s most successful tech company you’ve never heard of’. While it is undoubtedly a very true statement I

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Written by
Ben Smith
3rd December 2015

5G: the network economics of reality

From early discussions on its future makeup, 5G communications will be an evolution of what we have all experienced on 3G and increasingly on 4G

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2nd December 2015

COP21 and the transition to renewable technologies

Leaders of 147 nations have gathered in Paris this week to reach a deal to reduce global carbon emissions and to limit global warming to

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Kiran Saini