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14th October 2014

Water soluble electronics: the solution to e-waste

The semiconductor industry isn’t an especially ‘green’ business given all the nasty chemicals used in the fabrication process. But one of the industry’s biggest environmental

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Chris King Profile Image
Written by
Chris King
7th October 2014

Crisis horizon: why efficient coding is crucial

The semiconductor business is running out of ways to make things smaller, faster and lower power. The reasons are fairly unfathomable to most sensible people,

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Written by
Andrew Shephard
6th October 2014

#Bendygate: yesterday’s technology in tomorrow’s clothes?

In the running for 2014’s biggest first world problem – the new iPhone bends if you stick it in your skinny jeans, which makes for

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Written by
Ella Delancey
2nd October 2014

Google’s Panda 4.1 update: move along, nothing to see here

I know, not the most gripping headline you’ll ever see, but it sums up my feelings about Google’s latest update. Panda 4.1 as we’re calling

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Ian McKee