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Our expertise

Wildfire helps its clients to become established and commercially successful in a wide range of sectors and target commercial markets. One thing all of our clients have in common is that they are providers of some type of technology — but as the industry has evolved, delivery models have changed and sectors have merged — it can be challenging to pin down exactly what it is they ‘are’ and only marginally easier to describe what it is they do! Having said this, we feel our core experience sits within the following areas:

Consumer technology

Wildfire’s consumer team has built strong UK presence for international brands and helped UK companies create global mind-share. We have taken little-known Asian brands and created UK market leaders, we’ve launched new UK-manufactured products into saturated European markets – still managing to create market share through establishing a niche – and we’ve used compelling life events to launch products far into the consumer psyche. Consumer technology clients include William Hill, Blue Microphones and BenQ.


Gone are the days when businesses and consumers were uninterested in how technology works. With the rise of brands that traditionally represent embedded technologies like Intel and NVIDIA, users are now much more likely to take an interest in what specific technologies make up their devices. Wildfire has a strong heritage in representing companies that deliver embedded technology – securing interest from telcos, OEMs and product designers, whilst (where appropriate) generating demand via end users. Clients include element14 and Samsung Semiconductor.

Software and services

From apps that keep you moving to solutions for moving your apps – Wildfire understands the complexities of software and the changing delivery landscape. We’ve worked with on-premise and on-demand, server, desktop, mobile and cloud software providers to drive downloads, ramp up end-user usage and improve brand loyalty. Wildfire’s software and services experience also goes beyond the traditional office environment, supporting industrial, entertainment and retail environments and applications too. Clients include ServiceNow, IS Decisions, 6SigmaET and Fotech Solutions

IT and infrastructure

The provision of ICT and the infrastructure that underpins it has gone through a huge change since the mass adoption of VoIP and UC. It’s big, it’s complex and there really is no one-size-fits-all solution. These solutions are not a ‘nice-to-have’, they can represent an increased level of productivity, improved competition in the market and usually, reduced costs! Wildfire’s enterprise technology and communications experience spans three decades – in fact, we’ve experienced the evolution first hand as our own business has expanded and faced the challenges that BYOD presents! Clients include Fuze, Cambridge Communications Systems, NSSL Global and Axiell.

Marketing tech

Audiences are key when it comes to building successful businesses. Data and technology have transformed how we all manage and market to our audiences. The combination of digital technology, decision-making processes and making sense of the data which feeds and falls out of this equation is thought to be the secret of sales success. Whether your solution can reduce the number of people abandoning digital shopping carts or helps clients to create a single brand experience across digital and physical channels, Wildfire can help. Clients include Episerver, Acxiom and RapidCampaign


Our future depends on successful innovation to achieve a more sustainable existence, whether that’s finding new ways to monitor electricity consumption in the home, enhancing the performance of renewables, or educating the climate change leaders of tomorrow. Wildfire’s energy experience, which reflects the sector itself, is ‘eclectic’. We represent a wide range of energy-related solutions from smart meters to sensing technology used in the recovery of oil and gas. Our work with the EU’s main climate innovation initiative also gives Wildfire a broad view of the issues faced by energy companies. Clients include Climate-KIC, DNV GL and Navetas.


The impact that technology is having right now on the financial services and insurance industries is unprecedented. New solutions to payment, currency exchange and risk management surface daily and the disruption felt by banks and insurers is spawning a new wave of technology to reinvigorate the established players’ market share.
Wildfire’s client experience includes not only new generation financial services like Skrill and TradeShift but also the technology businesses providing the underlying technologies which drive fintech.

These include ID and user interfaces with eyeSight and Ingenia Technologies; encryption, smart-cards and near field with wireless giants like Samsung Semiconductor; location, tracking and telemetry with solutions from element14.

Whatever the underlying science, Wildfire gets fintech to the core.