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Analyst Relations

For many brands analyst relations (AR) is critical to the success of marketing and PR initiatives given the influence analysts can wield over media, customers and investors. They are quoted in media coverage, their reports and advice affect purchasing decisions, they drive investor behaviour, impact the status of emerging industries, and play a leading role in defining and shaping industry trends.

At Wildfire we understand the AR ecosystem. We can pinpoint key analysts and can draw on our relationships to instigate introductions in the early stages of corporate positioning and product launches. We also partner with AR specialists for high stakes Gartner MQ and Forrester Wave processes. Our AR service ensures the right analysts clearly understand your market positioning so you’re reflected in the best possible light in their reports and in their conversations with other brands, clients and prospects.

“Wildfire’s innovative and creative content helps us differentiate ourselves from international competitors and stand out in a traditional global market. Over the years we’ve used video, research, apps, social collateral and even a giant cake to deliver our messaging with impact.”

Jen Patterson EU PR Manager

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