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Brand storytelling

Building memorable brand stories

Build a brand narrative

In competitive tech markets, many brands struggle to get their message heard above all the noise. Or they struggle to express their story in a memorable, insight-driven way that gets people talking.

Wildfire’s Think.Bold process is a creative way to build your own unique brand narrative, working out who you want to be and what makes your technology matter.

Through a combination of research, focus groups and advice, our team of senior consultants will help you craft a unique messaging platform that reflects your brand personality, values and positioning.

We’ll then develop a programme of activity to bring that story to life and help turn your business into a brand.

Want to know more? Check out our LMG case study below.

Smart branding for smart buildings

Intelligent building and infrastructure company LMG needed a brand refresh, approaching Wildfire to rebuild its corporate messaging from the ground up.

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