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PR for martech vendors

If you want an idea of what you’re up against as a vendor, check out the martech landscape supergraphic. There are 5,000 martech brands listed and 95% of them look and sound exactly the same.

Marketers always talk about differentiation, but they forget about distinctiveness. As such, the martech space has become a personality vacuum, with everyone copying the big boys and nobody thinking about what makes their brands stand out.

Marketers love great products, but they also love great stories, and that’s where an awesome PR strategy can make all the difference.

Targeting marketers, CMOs and tech decision makers, our team has delivered effective, creative campaigns for brands including Emarsys, Episerver, dotDigital, Tealeaf (IBM) and Salesforce.

With 8000+ brands in the martech space, competition is tough

Luckily, plenty of martech vendors suck at marketing! Their technology can help promote others, but they don’t know how to promote themselves.

Why? Read our guide “Why martech brands suck at marketing” to find out.