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Consumer Tech

Marketing for consumer technology brands

PR for consumer tech brands

There are literally thousands of cool tech products out there promising to make you smarter, to make your life easier, or simply to make you look good.

But consumers are a discerning lot. Especially as it’s never been easier to research product reviews.

To get your new gadget or app noticed, you need the right people saying the right things — and that means telling stories that your customers can relate to.

The best consumer brands start with a great product, but when that product is backed up with an awesome story, that’s when you start building real consumer advocacy.

Whether it’s state-of-the-art headphones, a women’s wellness app or the latest gaming accessory, our team will deliver the comprehensive programme of tech reviews, influencer activations and unforgettable events needed to turn your tech product into a brand that consumers know and love.

Want to know more? Check out our Bellabeat case study below: