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Tech PR for electronics brands

PR agency for electronics

Having been founded as Electronics Marketing Limited (EML), a love for deep-tech electronics still lies at the heart of the Wildfire brand.

With over 30 years’ experience in the electronics space, our team of consultants have helped to shape the reputations of brands including CSR, element14, Imagination Technologies, Raspberry Pi, RS Components, Samsung Semiconductor and TSMC.

But it’s not just the biggest players who can benefit from PR. Over the years we’ve helped a multitude of niche electronics brands achieve their goals — whether that’s breaking into a new market, gaining industry recognition, or even getting acquired.

Our creative content and media relations campaigns are perfect for engaging engineers, OEMs or product designers.

Want to see one of our campaigns in action? Check out the element14 case study below:

Just because your product is technical, doesn't mean it has to be boring

Even the most technical electronics businesses still need to impress investors, decision makers and other non-technical audiences, and that means communicating in an impactful way.

How? Read our guide “Why electronics PR doesn’t need to be boring” to find out.