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30th April 2015

Hi-tech renaissance – driving a financial revolution?

Having started out in tech PR in the late 90s I’m just about old enough to remember the brief highs of the first dotcom bubble

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Chris King
Who does the PR for Google Deepmind
28th April 2015

Google DeepMind is really creepy… and awesome!

Google is a creepy organisation. I don’t know whether it’s their satellite-imaging program, their 1000-acre data farms, or maybe their army of Terminator-style military robots;

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Alex Warren
27th April 2015

What can we expect for the ‘digital age’ following the election?

In the lead up to the general election it is only natural that we should look for the signs of changes to come that will

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Tom Lawrence
24th April 2015

Seven digital fundraising lessons from my London Marathon experience

I’m not sure how it seems to you, but to me the London Marathon on Sunday is looming like a giant planet that has been

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Ian McKee