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Wireless connectivity
31st July 2017

Town v country or wireless v cable?

Reading the latest technology topic from Geoff Varrall of RTT on the development of TV serviced by radio waves against the telephone connected by cable,

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Juliet Philip Profile Image
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Juliet Philip
28th July 2017

My name’s Louise, and I’m… a Xennial

A few weeks ago, my Facebook feed was awash with posts from school and University friends. “We’re Xennials!” they claimed — a micro generation born

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Louise Palmer
Best kind of PR stunt
26th July 2017

PR stunts: fake it to make it

What is the best kind of PR stunt? If you’ve worked in PR then at some point or another you will probably have heard someone

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Ben Smith
24th July 2017

Should we get excited about the Ataribox?

Following a teaser campaign at E3, Atari has just released initial images of the design of its Ataribox, the company’s first video games console since

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Alex Perryman