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30th June 2021

The future of lending in the fintech era

What do Sayfudin, a farmer and raw materials provider; Ratna, a weaver of doormats; and Bayu, a university student; have in common? They have all

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Sanjay Dove Profile Image
Written by
Sanjay Dove
29th June 2021

How brands should target gamers in 2021

Since my early memories of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater on PlayStation, the gaming landscape has changed dramatically. In recent years, we’ve experienced the rise of

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Written by
Jay Cox
25th June 2021

Take it as read(dit): degrees of truth in the internet hivemind

It’s conventional wisdom that Reddit — the cuddlier cousin of your favourite social media — is a hivemind. Surely a meritocratic, community-driven forum is going

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Written by
Ben Musgrove
23rd June 2021

High-flyers: Five travel tech brands to watch in 2021

Looking back to my last travel-related blog in the good old days of 2017, it’s clear that the world is now a very different place.

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Written by
Samantha Browning