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30th June 2023

The democratisation of creativity — is it a power we all possess?

The curtain has just come down on this year’s Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. And amid all the usual glitz and glamour, one unavoidable

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Debby Penton Profile Image
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Debby Penton
27th June 2023

Pitch perfect: five ‘media relations myths’ to remember

There are plenty of reasons to seek out the support and expertise of a PR firm. For many businesses, though, it’s all about coverage. Whether

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Samantha Browning
Do Good
15th June 2023

Putting Wildfire’s ambition into action: our Do Good journey

At Wildfire, our core values unite us all. Be bold. Be informed. Be exceptional. And Be yourself. This has driven our behaviour for years now

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Louise Palmer
13th June 2023

Two heads are better than one — Joint MDs make a great combo

When people first start in PR, they’re encouraged to work collaboratively in teams. After all, sharing tasks and responsibilities is the foundation of how good

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Chris King