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21st July 2021

Fast chips to fast cars: why Ferrari hired an electronics heavyweight as its new CEO

Last month’s announcement that luxury automotive legend Ferrari was hiring Benedetto Vigna as its new CEO came as a surprise to many in both the

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Elaine Birch Profile Image
Written by
Elaine Birch
15th July 2021

The power of LinkedIn: turning ‘lurkers’ into ‘likers’

Last month, a few of us at Wildfire joined a workshop hosted by Maverrick, a social selling training and consulting company, to learn about how

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Kiran Saini Profile Image
Written by
Kiran Saini
6th July 2021

The four different types of influencers you need to know about

When people hear the word ‘social media influencer’, a fair few might automatically think of the likes of Kim Kardashian and her $250k-worth Instagram posts

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Fiona Todd