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31st May 2022

Hey Google: Are smart homes a gimmick?

I’m on the fence when it comes to smart homes. While I’ve always liked to stay up to date with technology, completely kitting out a

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Jay Cox Profile Image
Written by
Jay Cox
26th May 2022

Taking Off: New Frontiers in Space Tech

Science, tech, and space go hand in hand in the popular imagination – just watch any science-fiction movie. And despite all the technological achievements and

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Hadley Menk Profile Image
Written by
Hadley Menk
10th May 2022

Saying ‘I do’ to three #wedtech trends

It goes without saying that the last two years have been incredibly challenging for a lot of industries – and the wedding industry is no

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Kiran Saini Profile Image
Written by
Kiran Saini
4th May 2022

Tripping with health tech – the other way to get high

Apparently, Jim Morrison once said drugs are a bet with the mind. If so, he wasn’t wrong. There are all kinds of substances that give

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Shehroz Siddiqui Profile Image
Written by
Shehroz Siddiqui