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27th August 2020

How long is your funnel?

Over the years I have seen a LOT of funnels. Sales funnels, marketing funnels, long and short funnels, funnel-shaped funnels and funnels that look nothing

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Paula Fifield Profile Image
Written by
Paula Fifield
25th August 2020

Planning a virtual work summer party?

With most of us working from home, the Wildfire social team had to dramatically re-think our annual summer party this year. During our planning stage

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Zoe McFarland Profile Image
Written by
Zoe McFarland
21st August 2020

Not another Zoom call…

Here we are, day 7,000 of working from home, and within that time you have probably done over 50,000 Zoom calls. While I might be

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Ben Rees Profile Image
Written by
Ben Rees
18th August 2020

The most interesting tech you didn’t know existed – part one

Every year, technology surprises us with an incredible announcement or another new and useful device that speeds up an everyday task, makes our lives better

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Written by
Samantha Browning