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18th June 2020

Smart home devices that can kill bacteria and stop the spread of COVID-19

It’s June, and just like the rest of us I’m sure you’re suffering from acute “COVID fatigue”. But whether we stay home or venture back

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Shaan Sidhu Profile Image
Written by
Shaan Sidhu
10th June 2020

Will AI enable us to be more human post-COVID?

The one thing I’ve heard more than anything throughout COVID-19 (other than that dreaded and over-used phrase, ‘the new normal’) is that lockdown is somehow

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Written by
Elaine Birch
8th June 2020

The integral role of VR and AR in a coronavirus world

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) certainly aren’t anything new. Both consumers and businesses have been reaping the experiential benefits from VR and AR

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Written by
Fiona Todd
4th June 2020

Supporting small businesses during lockdown

Do you miss the barista at the coffee shop who always remembers your order? Your favourite trainers at your gym? Since lockdown, pubs, restaurants, gyms

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Tiffany Tam