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Smart home devices that can kill bacteria and stop the spread of COVID-19

Posted by Shaan Sidhu on 18th June 2020

It’s June, and just like the rest of us I’m sure you’re suffering from acute “COVID fatigue”. But whether we stay home or venture back to the office, it’s important that we keep ourselves safe and take precautions where we can.

Therefore, I wanted to break down four pieces of cool tech I’ve spotted that claim to banish bacteria from our everyday hectic and busy lives from home or in the office.

Casetify UV Sanitiser

If you’re glued to your phone like me and religiously wipe it down three times a day with anti-bac screen wipes, this product is definitely for you.

Casetify have brought out a UV sanitiser. It’s a gorgeous white box that you pop your phone into, *queue UV lights* – and bam, bye bacteria. There’s even space for your AirPods case too.

Samsung AirDresser

Essentially a personal steamer, this innovative device uses ‘JetSteam’ technology to blast clothes with hot steam to remove lingering bacteria and odour from clothes.

If you also hate ironing (and you get just a little bit sweaty in the hot weather), this could definitely be useful on shirts after a long summer’s day sitting in the home office.

KENT Table Top Vegetable & Fruit Disinfectant

This device can ensure everyone can enjoy fruit and veg that may have exchanged multiple hands. Chemical-free ozone technology disinfects the produce and also removes pesticides and chemicals! Nifty.


Last but not least, this door hook is so simple but so effective. A hands-free door opener, this device is one of the many innovations that have come about due to Coronavirus.

The device clips onto door handles and can be operated using the forearm meaning your hands, and then your mouth/face are less likely to come into contact with potential bacteria. You can even download your own version for 3D printing.

Shaan Sidhu

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