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27th March 2019

Exploring the next frontier

This week TechRadar is celebrating its Space Week 2019, which got me thinking — what does the future really hold for us? As technology advances further,

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Tom Ghirardi Profile Image
Written by
Tom Ghirardi
15th March 2019

Virtual reality and gaming: it’s meant for more

Once thought of as a technology of the far distant future, we now live in a world where we can experience virtual reality (VR) from

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Sam McKenna Profile Image
Written by
Sam McKenna
13th March 2019

Unscrambling the brain: the science behind communication

Strong communication is a key part of every PR campaign. Suzanne Ellis, director at reputation management consultancy Lansons was a speaker at last month’s PROI

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Anna Ouseley-Giraldo Profile Image
Written by
Anna Ouseley-Giraldo
4th March 2019

Three timeless lessons in creativity from #ContagiousLive

Last week I headed down to Contagious’ latest shindig to see the old-school adman legend, Dave Trott talk about why modern advertising sucks and where

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Alex Warren