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27th August 2019

The striking truth: video games do not make you violent

When I was nine, I was lucky enough to borrow Grand Theft Auto: III from an extended cousin without my usually eagle-eyed mother noticing the

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Ben Musgrove Profile Image
Written by
Ben Musgrove
20th August 2019

Podcasts — all talk and no action

There are three common questions associated with podcasts. Do they engage with audiences like they supposedly do, do they provide an alternative platform that works

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Robyn Wilson Profile Image
Written by
Robyn Wilson
16th August 2019

How Spotify is using machine learning to offer you music you’ll love

Technology has long been a part of the music industry. When multi-track recording came into force in the 1950s, it was the musical equivalent of

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Written by
Charlie O'Toole
13th August 2019

The two recent big things in streaming and why they matter

Two big things in streaming happened on Friday 2nd August. First, after years of stubbornness, my favourite enigmatic prog-rock band Tool finally joined the world

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Mark Mukasa