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21st April 2022

A wild ride — why this job matters

As the new Wildfire copywriter, I might’ve chosen to write a generic introductory post in formal business English, where I’d regurgitate my CV and mention

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Shehroz Siddiqui Profile Image
Written by
Shehroz Siddiqui
14th April 2022

Subject and subjectivity: tech and truth in Ukraine

We live in an age where we often have to sift through reams of bullshit in order to establish truth. In all aspects of public

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Written by
Ben Musgrove
1st April 2022

Nike’s football strategy ­– football stars or social icons?

Last summer was a dramatic time for football fans. People around the country had their hopes raised and dreams dashed over a month-long, drama-ridden Euros

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Written by
Charlie Apsey