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29th April 2016

Tech flashback: Seeing the Dyson ‘Hairblade’ become Supersonic

Almost three years ago, I blogged about the ‘futuristic’ Dyson hairdryer, the ‘Hairblade’, and how most innovations are born from frustrations. For us girls, it

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Hannah Wright Profile Image
Written by
Hannah Wright
28th April 2016

Five bits of tech Wildfire are loving this week

Working at a technology agency, it’s not surprising that we are constantly surrounded by, well…tech. We’re at the frontline of finding out about the biggest,

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Ella Delancey Profile Image
Written by
Ella Delancey
27th April 2016

Five top tips for surviving parental tech questions

Despite the fact I work in tech, I seem to get off the hook quite lightly when it comes to my family asking me gadget-related

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Kat Farminer Profile Image
Written by
Kat Farminer
26th April 2016

How to stand out at UC Expo

Last week saw the highlight of the business communications calendar (didn’t know there was such a thing, did you?), as the good and the great

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Written by
Andrea Berghäll