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20th January 2015

Project Ara: Build-a-Bear for smartphones

Late last week the tech world got a bit excited about Project Ara, Google’s latest venture into the world of ‘modular smartphones’, which could conceivably flip the industry

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Chris King Profile Image
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Chris King
15th January 2015

8 reasons why being an Apple fan is just like being a Chelsea supporter

I’m going to get some stick for this post, In the Wildfire office – and possibly elsewhere. But the fact is, I am a fully

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Ian McKee
14th January 2015

A cold turkey Christmas or all teched out?

How did you spend Christmas? Did you put your smartphone, tablet and laptop to one side and fully engage with the festive season? Or did

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Written by
Juliet Philip
13th January 2015

Has France taken the UK’s start-up crown?

With most of the talk from CES around wearable tech, electric roller skates and drones, I was surprised when the Radio 4 Today programme report

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Richard Parker