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25th June 2013

Exotic computers made from slime mould…. yes that’s right!

So in my last blog post I waxed lyrical about how the electronics PR world is getting very excited about the potential of graphene. Well thanks

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Chris King
24th June 2013

Short-range wireless gets a lot faster with 802.11ac

Heating up wireless by turning on the ac So last week, the world of wireless got a little more serious with the launch of the

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21st June 2013

Why I have no Xbone to pick with Microsoft’s new console

As a dedicated Xbox fanbois, it’s been pretty disheartening to see Microsoft’s new console lambasted on this very blog lately, by my erroneously Playstation-loving colleague

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Ian McKee
20th June 2013

Xbox 180: PR would be boring if it wasn’t for Microsoft style U-turns

Earlier this month I gleefully tore Microsoft’s launch of the Xbox One to shreds like the intolerable Playstation cheerleader I am. But as one chapter

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Joe McNamara