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Streaming services will allow for remote servers to take the load of graphical processing. What does this mean for the everyday consumer?
30th July 2019

Where will new streaming capabilities take the gaming industry?

Netflix, Amazon Prime, Now TV — film and television streaming services have now become a staple part of our homes, with figures from Statista showing

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Tom Ghirardi Profile Image
Written by
Tom Ghirardi
25th July 2019

Beat the heat: tech to help you keep your cool

With temperatures in the UK set to skyrocket today, many Brits will be worrying about how to stay comfortable and safe in the hot weather.

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Samantha Browning Profile Image
Written by
Samantha Browning
23rd July 2019

Fintech for all? The rise of mobile payment technology in Africa

One could be forgiven for assuming the Silicon Valleys, Alleys or Gorges of the world are where mobile payments reign supreme. These technological hubs have

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Charlie O'Toole Profile Image
Written by
Charlie O'Toole
19th July 2019

How brands are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the moon landing

How brands are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the moon landing Whether you believe the moon landing happened or you remain a sceptic, the 50th

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Written by
Zoe McFarland