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26th August 2021

Social platforms and their differentiators

There is a misconception that when brands start influencer campaigns that they must pin down the right people first. Though it’s helpful to know the

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Robyn Wilson Profile Image
Written by
Robyn Wilson
19th August 2021

In defence of the use of technology in football

Football’s relationship with technology has been a tumultuous one. Dare to utter the three letters V A R and you will likely evoke feelings of

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James Lambert Profile Image
Written by
James Lambert
12th August 2021

The anti-social network, or: can we please stop lying for two minutes

“Most people are rather confident of their ability to recognise bullshit and to avoid being taken in by it… In consequence, we have no clear

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Written by
Ben Musgrove
3rd August 2021

Reaching new heights: Five more travel tech brands to watch in 2021

Following my last blog post about five top tech companies that are helping to change the face of the tourism industry, worldwide travel has continued

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Written by
Samantha Browning