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29th July 2020

Together apart: Learnings from managing an event in the age of social distancing

Recently, I experienced something that I’m sure many in my industry have experienced over the last few months. That being an event I’d poured blood,

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Charlie O'Toole Profile Image
Written by
Charlie O'Toole
23rd July 2020

Are we ready for the new world of work?

There have been a number of stories hitting the headlines this week about companies making radical changes in the workplace, particularly around how and where

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Kiran Saini Profile Image
Written by
Kiran Saini
13th July 2020

Time: the best gift you can give someone at work?

Back in those halcyon days before Covid-19, working from home (WFH) was considered the panacea to productivity. Cut the commute, avoid office distractions, wear what

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Debby Penton Profile Image
Written by
Debby Penton
10th July 2020

Bizarre social distancing solutions that will (hopefully) never catch on…

Social distancing measures have been the cornerstone of the global effort to fight COVID-19 and, thankfully, most people have stuck to government guidelines. But as

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Rachel Nulty