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Bizarre social distancing solutions that will (hopefully) never catch on…

Posted by Rachel Nulty on 10th July 2020

Social distancing measures have been the cornerstone of the global effort to fight COVID-19 and, thankfully, most people have stuck to government guidelines.

But as shops, pubs and restaurants re-open, many of us are wondering how we’ll continue to safely practice social distancing.

While there’s been some genuinely great inventions, there’s also been some very unusual creations. Here are some of the most bizarre social distancing solutions that I’ve come across:

Backpack alarm

TikTok user RyderCalmDown built his very own social distancing alarm and stuck it in a backpack. Now when anyone comes within six feet of him, a very irritating alarm goes off.

If you’re ok with walking around with a very sketchy looking backpack that will scare the bejesus out of anyone that gets too close, then this is solution you need in your life!

Bumper tables

A restaurant in the U.S. has rolled out new ‘bumper tables’ that are surrounded by large inner tubes to keep diners from getting too close. The custom-built tables look like huge vinyl records and are on wheels, which means that people can move between the restaurant’s parking lot and bar area and mingle with others safely.

Admittedly, these do look quite fun and I’d probably even go to the restaurant to try them out. But I’d imagine that the novelty would wear off pretty quickly — especially when you’re six cocktails in and need the loo.

Structure hats

Italian costume designer Toppino created what she calls ‘structure hats’, which are essentially funny looking hats comprised of large, bent aluminium structures. The hats are apparently meant to help people feel shielded while still maintaining ‘extravagance’.

With a wide brim of around 45 centimetres, the hat supposedly works to create what the designer calls a ‘protective orbit’ around the head.

While these may have been thought of as fashionable back in the 18th century, I can’t imagine too many people jumping on this fashion trend.

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Rachel Nulty

Rachel completed a degree in Public Relations and Online Communications in Dundalk IT, Ireland. During her degree she gained practical experience in the world of PR working as a Communications intern for a government body and began working at Wildfire in December 2016. Rachel spent some time travelling in Canada, where she developed a love of the outdoors, from climbing mountains to snowboarding  and skydiving, Rachel is always looking for her next thrilling adventure.