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29th August 2014

Is the end of Google Authorship a blow to PR thought leadership?

Well, c’est la vie, Google Authorship. John Mueller of Google’s Webmaster Trends has announced in a Google+ post that the search engine will no longer be

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Ian McKee Profile Image
Written by
Ian McKee
27th August 2014

5 ways PR is like Masterchef

Well you can’t fault my commitment to the cause. Yes I am about to compare the recipe for running a great PR campaign to a

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Written by
Joe McNamara
19th August 2014

Interning at EML Wildfire: The Good, The Bad & The (Awful) Banter

I can honestly say when I first started this internship I didn’t have a clue what PR was. I still don’t. (Just joking, I swear!)

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Written by
Salla Savolainen
18th August 2014

Electronics putting an end to animal testing

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve got a dog, I like animals but I’m no radical PETA campaigner. This is just an innocent story that caught

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Chris King