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25th April 2013

Twitter: Taken with a pinch or shovel of salt?

Whilst I admit I was late to the Twitter game, I now fully embrace it as a part of my every day life.  Last weekend

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Juliet Philip
19th April 2013

PRCA Vs NLA: Copy that Meltwater

I’m not really sure where this week’s Supreme Court ruling on copyright leaves us. However, the language certainly aligns the very niche activity of media

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Andrew Shephard
18th April 2013

Mailbox: Should you believe the hype?

Now that 2013’s Most Hyped App is available to all, there are going to be a lot more people considering whether to start using it. I’ve

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Ian McKee
15th April 2013

The importance of getting the right brief

It must have happened to everyone working in PR and marketing. You get a brief, exceed the targets and proudly present the results expecting the

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Darren Willsher