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28th September 2020

Social media: the Vegas slot machine

The question of whether social media is bad for our mental health is something that has been debated for several years. This isn’t a surprise

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Fiona Todd Profile Image
Written by
Fiona Todd
10th September 2020

Who’s influencing who?

2020 has not been our year. If you had told me a year ago there would have been a time when it was illegal for

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Anna Ouseley-Giraldo Profile Image
Written by
Anna Ouseley-Giraldo
7th September 2020

An introduction to audio: why where your music comes from matters

It’s been a long time since I had a dedicated music player as part of my daily pocket check, and I bet that’s the same

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Written by
Charlie O'Toole
3rd September 2020

The COVID customer: ingenuity in physical and digital retail

Coronavirus and the subsequent lockdown have catalysed business change. Businesses offering ‘non-essential’ services have been closed for several months. The consumers that could keep these

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Ben Musgrove