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31st January 2019

Social media — it’s not all doom and gloom

Owning a smartphone is now the norm, whether you’re in school, halfway through your career or enjoying your retirement, and having access to the internet

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Fiona Todd Profile Image
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Fiona Todd
18th January 2019

Be BOLD, brave and brilliant

What does the word ‘bold’ mean to you? It’s not a popular word as such, but it’s been growing on me for a few months

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Paula Fifield Profile Image
Written by
Paula Fifield
10th January 2019

Tech — love it or leave it?

CES is here once again, and the tech world is busy trying to show us, and eventually sell to us, those gizmos and apps that

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Written by
Juliet Philip
9th January 2019

Why you’re getting your developer recruitment wrong

The stock of software developers has perhaps never been higher. Not only do the tech giants have an insatiable demand for their services, but ‘traditional’

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Ben Smith