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Archive for: April 2021

15th April 2021

Will the fintech boom turn into a bubble?

It was March 1999 when Priceline, a travel booking site and the poster child of the dot-com era, went public at $16 a share. On

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Sanjay Dove Profile Image
Written by
Sanjay Dove
13th April 2021

How online communication saved Formula One

Once the “pinnacle of motorsport”, Formula One saw a fall from grace in the 2010s. TV figures plummeted as competition stagnated — the gap between

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Written by
Charlie Apsey
6th April 2021

Gen Z — eight seconds to engage

You hear ‘Gen Z’ thrown around a lot these days. It loosely refers to anyone born after 1995. But from the way it’s used you’d

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Written by
Jay Cox
1st April 2021

Stress! We all experience it, but how can we better manage it?

April marks Stress Awareness Month, led by the Stress Management Society. Stress is a huge public health challenge that’s linked to both physical and mental

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Zoe McFarland