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28th February 2018

Proof of the value PR adds to SEO

If you’re sceptical about how big an impact PR has on SEO — read on. I hope to change your mind. We’ve recently been on

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Sanjay Dove Profile Image
Written by
Sanjay Dove
16th February 2018

Snapchat: when change hinders brand relations

In my very first blog for Wildfire I wrote on how the Instagram story function was likely to take over from Snapchat as the people’s

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Ryan O'Leary Profile Image
Written by
Ryan O'Leary
14th February 2018

Down on the farm… The day Bill Gates brought science and technology to Countryfile

Dum de dum de dum de dum… Yes, another episode of the world’s longest-running radio soap opera begins once again, bringing us 13 minutes on

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Louise Palmer Profile Image
Written by
Louise Palmer
5th February 2018

When creativity strikes

Working in PR, I’ve spent a lot of time over the years researching the best ways to generate ideas. And being in an agency a

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Written by
Debby Penton