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30th September 2013

EML Wildfire will be at Findlay Media’s inaugural Electronics Design Show

Just a quick note: On Wednesday 2nd October I’ll be attending Findlay Media’s Electronics Design Show at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry. Staged alongside the

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Alex Perryman Profile Image
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Alex Perryman
25th September 2013

Why must our consumer tech be gloomy black and grey?

I am an unabashed Apple fan, and like any Apple fan this is due mainly to design philosophy. For me, a major part of this

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Written by
Ian McKee
23rd September 2013

Listen up here’s a story

Last week I was at a PR Moment conference looking at the role of public relations as a content provider. If you missed out then

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Written by
Darren Willsher
16th September 2013

Living in the Clouds: The End of Ownership

Is it just me or has the world been feeling a little less ‘real’ in recent years? Nothing seems to exist anymore. There was a

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Alex Warren