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22nd July 2013

3 SEO terms that should be left to die

Marketing, especially where digital is concerned, is like any other technical discipline in that a certain amount of, shall we say, vernacular is required. You

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Ian McKee Profile Image
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Ian McKee
10th July 2013

How 4G is making MHz interesting

If you’ve been in London recently then you may have spotted some adverts on the tube about the 4G mobile network and the digital switchover.

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Written by
Darren Willsher
9th July 2013

Ethiopia’s silicon savannah – a tech power house in the making or a pipe dream?

In the international tech, telecom and electronics PR world we’re very aware of the rise of the African continent and the huge market potential there

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Written by
Chris King
2nd July 2013

June news round up

UK infrastructure needs better security controls on suppliers, says ISC – 6th June An investigation by Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) revealed a number of

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Joe McNamara