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25th February 2021

Here’s why your next social media strategy should send people to sleep

*In a whisper* Hello and welcome to another ASMR video… Sound familiar? Even if it did, you probably wouldn’t admit it. ASMR stands for Autonomous

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Megan Hill Profile Image
Written by
Megan Hill
23rd February 2021

Corporate strategy vs tech strategy: is it all the same thing?

We’ve heard it said many times that “every company is a technology company these days”. Though I would agree with this statement to an extent,

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Paula Fifield Profile Image
Written by
Paula Fifield
18th February 2021

Martech vendors: jargon is killing your marketing

Classic scenario. You’re launching a new product feature. You write the press release, send it back and forth between your product, marketing and content teams

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Written by
Alex Warren
16th February 2021

How are the arts, cultural and broadcast industries surviving during the pandemic?

I was talking with my colleagues recently about things that interested me lately — the arts, broadcast and culture. The topic swiftly progressed onto how

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Shaan Sidhu