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11th February 2021

Innovation trends for 2021

There’s no question that the pandemic has shaken up the world as we knew it and we’re seeing myriad new business and consumer trends surface

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Zoe McFarland Profile Image
Written by
Zoe McFarland
9th February 2021

Buyers don’t care about your brand, they care about your people

Nearly one year later, Covid-19 is continuing to impact businesses and brands all over the world, and we’ve now seen a much bigger shift in

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Fiona Todd Profile Image
Written by
Fiona Todd
4th February 2021

Martech brands: Stop sucking up to analysts

Ok, before jumping into this blog post I probably need to add a little disclaimer. We love analysts. Analysts are awesome. They cut through the

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Alex Warren Profile Image
Written by
Alex Warren
2nd February 2021

More interesting tech that you didn’t know existed — part two

Following my last blog about some truly game-changing technology that you might have missed, the world has continued to shock and surprise us… and not

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Written by
Samantha Browning