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A wild ride — why this job matters

Posted by Shehroz Siddiqui on 21st April 2022

As the new Wildfire copywriter, I might’ve chosen to write a generic introductory post in formal business English, where I’d regurgitate my CV and mention that I’m looking forward to working here, but without giving much detail as to why.

I’d rather not do that.

It’s not difficult to find examples of this approach online. Most organisations fail to communicate in a way that’s bold and different – so the employees follow suit.

Rather than being mired in the conventional, I’d prefer to write in a more engaging way that replaces cookie-cutter rhetoric, jargon, and formality with an honest and more creative approach to showing why tech matters.

Hence my taking this job.

During the recruitment process, onboarding, and my own reading of content on the Wildfire site, I noticed the agency has an attitude to writing that differs from previous employers.

In essence, they replace the boring stuff mentioned above with smart, punchy content. Here’s how.

They’re straight-talking

Overly formal language can be elegant, but it’s also pretty boring. If a solution is worthwhile, then there’s often no point in being long-winded. It’s better to just say it, so far as Wildfire is concerned.

There’s nothing wrong with creative flair, but you can demonstrate that without arcane language and sentences looking like paragraphs. Leaving those means you’ll spare readers some confusion over what’s being said.

They’re passionate

An honest passion for technology will always beat fake advertising and boring product descriptions.

Wildfire looks to write in a way that communicates a real interest in what they’re promoting. This carries weight with readers because there’s actual substance to the content.

Other brands use templates for their work and only change a few sentences to make them more specific. That won’t win people over as the writers need more convincing themselves.

They’re friendly

It’s not difficult to come across material that makes you think a robot authored it. There’s nothing distinct that makes the content memorable.

Wildfire doesn’t believe in being overly familiar, but it does believe in being friendly and approachable in its work.

As a writer, I think it’s more enjoyable to communicate this way. You can be yourself and use everyday language, which means you can write more naturally, and avoid churning out plain copy that sounds rubbish.

They’re provocative

There’s a need to be memorable when writing, and this is a big part of how Wildfire operates. They understand that bold opinions and good-natured humour are necessary for great content.

Expressing ideas confidently means you’re always being honest, whether in discussions with clients, or in the writing itself. And because Wildfire possesses strong tech marketing experience, there’s no risk in communicating this way.

The ability to apply some wit and humour is always important for copywriters. We’ll certainly avoid turning our work into a stand-up routine and swearing is obviously out of the question.

That said, we do value the chance to write creatively and contribute to stand-out campaigns.

Add these four together in the same office, and I’m sure you can see why I’ve finally arrived.

I can say I’m looking forward to working here and take myself seriously while doing so.

Check out the careers page if you want to reach the same destination.

Shehroz Siddiqui