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Putting Wildfire’s ambition into action: our Do Good journey

Posted by Louise Palmer on 15th June 2023

At Wildfire, our core values unite us all.

Be bold. Be informed. Be exceptional. And Be yourself. This has driven our behaviour for years now and they reflect who we are as an agency and a team.

But more recently we recognised something was missing. Our values have created a positive and motivating culture, and they underpin how we work together and work with clients.

But Wildfire is about more than that.

Putting people and purpose first

And that’s why, in 2022, we launched a new, fifth value: Do Good.

I say ‘we’, but I don’t mean the leadership team, agency owners, or a specialist purpose ‘squad’. I mean the agency. All of us.

Together, we questioned what we really care about as individuals, what motivates us, what impact we want to make on the world. And there was a clear consensus, a collective sentiment that resonated with us all: we want to be a force for good.

Our purpose-led journey

Do Good reflects a commitment and desire from everyone in our team to be a force for good — for our people, our clients, our local community, and for the planet.

Over the last year, our senior account director Zoe McFarland has spearheaded a programme to bring our fifth value to life. And the engagement and passion from our team in living this value has been inspiring.

They’ve volunteered to paint local food pantries and deliver food parcels, and raised funds for charities close to their hearts that we’ve matched to double their impact.

And together, we’ve opened up opportunities for young people to follow their ambition by sponsoring a young female footballer and appointed our first apprentice.

Our first Do Good report

And that’s why I’m proud to publish our first Do Good annual report today.

It showcases the highlights from our journey over the last 12 months. From promoting inclusivity and opportunities for all, to connecting with our local community and supporting charitable causes, to playing a part in combatting climate change.

And the report also perfectly reflects our culture. One that is supportive, empowering, and motivating — a culture that unites us all in a collective desire to Do Good and make a difference.

Download this report as a PDF


Big hearts, big ambitions

We’re not a big company (yet). But we’ve got big ambitions. And our report only reflects the start of our purpose-led journey.

We’re currently in the verification stage of the B Corp assessment, following our submission in August 2022. It’s no done deal of course, but we’re not holding back and waiting for that accreditation.

It’s not just about being a certified B Corp — it’s about behaving like one. And through our Do Good programme, we’re well on our way.

Louise Palmer

Deftly switching between business and consumer accounts, the focus for Louise remains the same; how can Wildfire tell clients’ stories in a way that is faithful, relevant and engaging? Her wide technology PR experience makes Louise an agile Managing Director, combining the strategic management of PR programmes with a hands-on approach to get under the skin of clients and motivate her teams.