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Google’s Panda 4.1 update: move along, nothing to see here

Posted by Ian McKee on 2nd October 2014

I know, not the most gripping headline you’ll ever see, but it sums up my feelings about Google’s latest update.

Panda 4.1 as we’re calling it, is another, small, iterative algorithm update to flush out bad content, low quality sites, and those using spamming tactics involving the two to boost their search rankings.

That, really, is all you need to know. If you’re doing SEO the right way (which I’m sure you are), you probably didn’t need to know even that. Just like all of Google’s algorithms, this is about Google trying to serve better, more relevant content to its users.

A couple of months ago I wrote that the bare fundamentals of SEO are –

  1. Create good content that is relevant to your intended audience.
  2. Share it with your intended audience and influencers that they trust.

If you really want to know a bit more detail about what this latest update entails, read Econsultancy’s handy summary.

Otherwise, keep doing those two things and you may not need to worry yourself with another algorithm update ever again.

photo credit: Thomas Hawk

Ian McKee

Ian started out his career working in travel PR, working for tourist boards, airlines and hotel groups. Whilst there he carved out a position as a digital communications expert, managing social media, SEO and email marketing campaigns for clients.