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News and views from the Wildfire team

2nd April 2020

Sunshine will not kill coronavirus: the ills of social media

“Misinformation during times of a health crisis can result in people being left unprotected or more vulnerable to the virus. It can also spread paranoia,

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Ben Musgrove Profile Image
Written by
Ben Musgrove
30th March 2020

News in numbers: Data is having its day in the light of the Covid-19 crisis

I have always been a words girl. Ask anyone who knows me, it’s a running joke. When it comes to words, spelling, grammar, writing –

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Elaine Birch Profile Image
Written by
Elaine Birch
24th March 2020

Love in the time of Corona (virus)

Dating has definitely evolved over the years and has gone from one extreme to another. Back in the 1800s, one would have to be courted

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Anna Ouseley-Giraldo Profile Image
Written by
Anna Ouseley-Giraldo
18th March 2020

PR’s role in supporting the sales funnel

At Wildfire, I see a lot of RFPs that ask us to come up with a campaign that will ‘support sales’. As someone that looks

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Paula Fifield Profile Image
Written by
Paula Fifield
5th March 2020

How the biometrics industry is responding to the world’s current pandemic

With the number of coronavirus (Covid-19) cases reaching more than 90,000 across 73 countries and territories, some virologists are suggesting that the epidemic has now

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Written by
Fiona Todd
3rd March 2020

Growing pAIns: the robot that can empathise with human suffering

Last week at an American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting, a team of Japanese scientists unveiled a robot that can ‘feel’ pain. Before you check

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Written by
Samantha Browning
28th February 2020

#SueYoureShoutingAtTea — why are nice people mean online?

It’s the 21st February and Conservative minister Rishi Sunak has just uploaded a picture of himself preparing a round of brews for his colleagues. Harmless, right?

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Jake Rowlands Profile Image
Written by
Jake Rowlands
26th February 2020

Talk regulation to me. Rise of the AI masochists

For years, the world’s tech giants have pushed back against regulation, spending a fortune to keep ‘Big Government’ out of Silicon Valley.  Last year alone,

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Alex Warren Profile Image
Written by
Alex Warren
24th February 2020

TikTok — is it here to stay? Only time will tell…

Social media is not going away anytime soon — will it ever fizzle out and be replaced with something else? Right now, I cannot see

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Written by
Robyn Wilson
20th February 2020

Subscription addiction

The UK has a problem. We are involved in a raging love affair with our favourite subscriptions that has left us completely hooked on getting

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Ella Fearnley-Marr Profile Image
Written by
Ella Fearnley-Marr
14th February 2020

How sustainable tech could help save the planet

Sustainability. We hear the word almost every day on the news, read it in all the papers and see the hashtag across social media. But

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Bethan Rees Profile Image
Written by
Bethan Rees
11th February 2020

How much do we depend on technology?

Technology has become an essential component of our everyday lives, as we rely ever-increasingly on our phones, tablets and laptops for everything and anything, from

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Written by
Tiffany Tam