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Introducing KT2 — B2B tech content with a human touch

Posted by Debby Penton on 28th February 2023

Today we introduce KT2, our new sister agency that’s dedicated to creating top-notch B2B content for technology businesses.

Its remit is simple: to create compelling content for our clients that cuts through industry noise and makes an impact with the people that matter.

The team at KT2 — three digits unapologetically nicked from our postcode as a shout-out to our riverside location here in Kingston upon Thames — is already busy working with clients on projects including EMEA-wide marketing campaigns, SEO-supported editorial, and social media-backed internal comms programmes.

The speed of this launch — and the diversity of the work the team is already doing — is proof that there is a real hunger for quality content to serve the tech industry.

Satisfying an insatiable demand for quality content

For me, the creation of KT2, on the back of last year’s launch of a dedicated content team at Wildfire, is a natural progression from the highly successful work we already do. After all, our mantra is turning ambition into action — and that includes the speed and decisiveness we’ve shown in launching this new business.

For clients, it means having access to even greater creative output across a spectrum of campaign-related and editorial content — from initial brainstorming and messaging development right through to production and delivery.

I could, of course, justify our decision to create KT2 by citing a recent report that explains  how content creation is a “top priority for 80% of marketers” and how, “on average, content marketing accounts for 26% of B2B marketing budgets”.

I could also point you in the direction of a study that found “71% of the B2B marketers surveyed say content marketing has become more important to their organisation in the last year.”

I could even rewind the clock to 1996 when Bill Gates wrote that when it comes to the future of the Internet, “Content is King”.

Helping B2B businesses tell their stories

But I don’t need to. Simply by talking to our clients and taking the pulse of the industry, I know just how important content is to businesses. The trick is to get it right. And while there is no doubt generative AI has the potential to eradicate some of the legwork with content creation, it should not yet be seen as a new front-runner.

Producing great content for B2B tech isn’t just about using facts and making benefit statements topped off with a sprinkling of nice words.

It’s about understanding our clients, their customers, and the industries they work in.

It’s about taking the temperature of the room so that your message is on point.

In other words, content providers like our team at KT2 have to think like people, not a chatbot; not only to understand their subject, but also their audience.

And that’s where we are today — the launch of KT2 complete with a shocking pink logo and a fearless energy to match.

If you want to supercharge your content efforts and tell an authentic brand story that will drive the conversations you’re looking for, get in touch with me directly or via

Debby Penton

Motivated, competitive and highly experienced, Debby drives excellence across the agency and leads by example, going the extra mile to create stand-out campaigns and a dynamic agency culture. As CEO, Debby champions a new breed of PR that meets the evolving communication needs of today’s tech companies.