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Why we made the most boring ASMR video ever

Posted by James Lambert on 9th May 2023

Have you ever tried to read B2B tech content and felt like you were about to fall into a deep sleep? Maybe it was a jargon-filled blog post or a wordy white paper that seemed to never end.

If so, you’re not alone. B2B tech content is notorious for being so dull that it can put even the most enthusiastic of readers to sleep.

The truth is there’s a lot of boring content out there. From dry press releases to lifeless case studies, it seems like many B2B companies have forgotten that their audiences are real people, who want to be entertained just as much as their consumer counterparts.

And the stats back this up, as 69% of B2B buyers say their decision making is emotionally led — disproving the pervasive myth that those on the receiving end of B2B content only care about cold, hard facts!

B2B doesn’t have to be boring

We’re taking a stand against uninspired B2B content and campaigns, reminding tech businesses that their customers are crying out to be engaged and entertained.

We’ve scoured the internet pulling together the most boring B2B content of the last few years and partnered with ASMR artist WhisperAudios ASMR to create the ultimate B2B tech PR insomnia cure.

So, if you’re having trouble sleeping, or just fancy the challenge of trying to stay awake through a jargon filled 45-minute talk about digital transformation, then check out our video below.

Ok, so this was a bit of fun from the influencer relations team here at Wildfire, but there’s a serious message here.

Influencer marketing is a tool many B2B brands forget about, as is video content. ASMR is certainly a format you wouldn’t expect to work in B2B — and yet here we are.

B2B tech brands don’t have to fall back on the same tried and tested techniques.

If you want to be memorable you need to get creative. That means thinking outside of the usual blogs, whitepapers, and LinkedIn ad campaigns.

Don’t let your content put people to sleep. Click here to read more about our B2Bold campaign and how creative ideas can drive meaningful B2B business results.

The case for B2B Creativity

James Lambert