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12th January 2012

All I want for 2012 are a lot more of those ambitious tech start-ups

We have worked for some of the biggest brands in tech, we’ve also worked with some early-stage start-up technology companies; helping them to break out

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11th January 2012

Techcrunch’s tech PR tips

With our focus on working with tech startup companies, Techcrunch is a must-read blog and it is a key focus for many of the tech

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Danny Whatmough
10th January 2012

Google(+), plus (+) Your World

When we blogged last year about the importance of Google’s Emerald Sea project, a lot of what we were saying was hinting at the future

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Max Tatton-Brown
9th January 2012

The secret diary of a tech PR newbie

Walking past the picturesque river to start my first day at EML Wildfire – complete with bobbing ducks and charming barge boats – I was

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Hannah Wright