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All I want for 2012 are a lot more of those ambitious tech start-ups

Posted by admin on 12th January 2012

We have worked for some of the biggest brands in tech, we’ve also worked with some early-stage start-up technology companies; helping them to break out and take their first scary steps into the big wide world.

To help these new tech companies work out their positioning, to roll out and to evolve their tech PR campaign as they grow, is to me one of the most rewarding challenges in tech PR.

You can’t beat working with a start-up for the levels of enthusiasm and their engagement with the tech PR campaign through all levels of the organisation. And don’t you just love the arrogance of a start-up with their ambitions to take on the world.

Just like watching a child grow, I love every minute of it, but sometimes can’t help wishing they wouldn’t grow too quickly: not that I don’t want them to succeed, but as they grow the enthusiasm is often tamed. Their messaging evolves, their market-reach evolves, their people change – sometimes their business model changes, their target markets change. It’s not always easy and some difficult decisions often need to be made to keep things afloat.

Even taking all that into account, one of my New Year Resolutions for 2012, in addition to resolving to help our current list of start-ups to prosper, I hope that we’ll be working with even more of tomorrow’s ambitious technology leaders. I’d like to think that through our work in helping these companies to grow and perhaps to help them work towards a profitable exit, we can help rebuild investor confidence in our superb home-grown tech industry. If we manage that, then I’ll feel we will really have achieved something.

I’ve seen statistics suggesting the number of start-ups here in the UK grew in 2011….given the less-than-perfect economic climate, and given what often seems an impossible challenge for these technology innovators to convince investors to take a punt, I find that incredible and very reassuring for our industry that true innovators will always find a way. Long may it continue.

But what are the secrets to success in a tech PR campaign you may ask? That’s for another blog methinks (goes off to scratch head and drink coffee for inspiration…)


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