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The secret diary of a tech PR newbie

Posted by Hannah Wright on 9th January 2012

Walking past the picturesque river to start my first day at EML Wildfire – complete with bobbing ducks and charming barge boats – I was baffled how a professional office could be situated within such a quaint location. However, accustomed with the hustle and bustle of a polluted London, I quickly warmed to my new, calmer, environment.

Once inside the office, meeting the EML Wildfire team was just as easy. I was welcomed by a host of warm greetings and friendly smiles and was made to feel at home immediately.

However, as we all very well know, starting a new job isn’t all plain sailing. And, as silly as it sounds, one of the first things I battled with was getting to grips with the brand new Apple Mac technology! As I was more acquainted with the… ahem… “vintage” MS Word 1998, all the sparkling features of the 2011 Mac technology was slightly overwhelming.

On top of this, there was lots of brand new information to learn including specific details about new clients.

So, taking this on board, one of my key recommendations would be not to let too much information feel like it’s overwhelming you.

Of course, in time, this feeling diminshes. Three weeks later, not only do I feel like an Apple Mac pro but semiconductor and IP terminology has become part of my everyday vocab!

Something else I have picked up at my short time with EML Wildfire is that having an open-minded attitude is extremely important. Therefore it’s best to take opportunities as they arise and don’t be scared to investigate things you are unfamiliar with or that you are curious about.

On my second day I was invited to attend the Pocket Lint awards with a couple of the girls on the team. I jumped at the chance to mingle with people from the tech industry and fast track getting to know my fellow colleagues.

The girls were surprised when I accepted the invite so promptly but I didn’t see it as something that I should even be deliberating about. I had been presented with an opportunity that could help me in numerous ways…and it worked.

Even on my second day I felt like I was beginning to make friends and already had a sense of inclusion. It felt silly that the week before I had been incessantly worrying if anyone would like me.

So, another top tip, coming straight from the tech PR Newbie:

Don’t start with pre-set negative conceptions of what could happen – it will either just cause you unnecessary worry or create misguided expectations!

Starting work at EML Wildfire is really is nothing to worry about. Training is a key part of the EML Wildfire joining process and the team takes you every step of the way with a coherent tech PR training plan.

This ensures you feel completely comfortable with every task and responsibility that is expected of you, and overall enjoy your time working with the company.

Hannah Wright

After joining in 2011, Hannah brings a wealth of experience across both consumer and B2B PR.