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Archive for: January 2012

9th January 2012

The secret diary of a tech PR newbie

Walking past the picturesque river to start my first day at EML Wildfire – complete with bobbing ducks and charming barge boats – I was

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Hannah Wright Profile Image
Written by
Hannah Wright
6th January 2012

Seven ways for tech start-ups to get more from PR

After 20 plus years’ experience of running a tech PR agency, I’ve had the opportunity to witness first hand how tech PR can help start-ups

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Richard Parker Profile Image
Written by
Richard Parker
5th January 2012

Tech PRs would do well to look at Gartner’s 2012 tech predictions

There’s nothing that tells you it is December like the onslaught of tech prediction posts. But if there is one that every tech PR in

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Danny Whatmough Profile Image
Written by
Danny Whatmough
4th January 2012

The great social media debate part 1: who owns social media anyway?

The word ownership is bandied about quite a lot when it comes to social media. Whereas in the past, a business could easily segment communication

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Written by
Louise Moran