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6th August 2013

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word wasn’t Twitter

Last week I attended a discussion on how Twitter is changing journalists’ lives, or not as the case might be. Journalists from some of the

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Sam Golden Profile Image
Written by
Sam Golden
5th August 2013

Do Ofcom’s latest findings really reveal we’re watching TV together?

If you work in consumer tech PR the announcement from Ofcom last week regarding family viewing habits could well have been old news. This is

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Kat Farminer Profile Image
Written by
Kat Farminer
2nd August 2013

Digital cameras – what’s worth more: brand or features?

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to spot that with many of us having a camera in our pocket at all times in the form

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Written by
Debby Penton
1st August 2013

Top tips for design services PR

Design services is one of the big UK success stories of the past 50 years – firmly establishing the UK as an international hub of

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Written by
Ben Smith