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Archive for: August 2013

13th August 2013

Technoutopia: The rise of contextless information

Over the last ten years the world has witnessed an information explosion. With over four billion websites already in existence and fifty million more being

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Alex Warren
12th August 2013

Google didn’t kill PR agencies, but it may have changed press releases

There was a minor hubbub last week following an article from Tom Foremski on ZD Net asking the question, ‘did Google just kill PR agencies?’.

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Ian McKee
8th August 2013

10 top tips for getting the most from your sponsorship deal

Sponsoring a prominent event or sports team is often seen as a quick and easy way of getting your brand seen by a mass audience,

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Written by
Kat Farminer
7th August 2013

9 top tips for getting your story read on Bloomberg News

Bloomberg is a wire to be reckoned with – news comes in every few seconds, the best stories on business, finance, renewables and the emerging

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Vicki Eltis